Top 5 Code-free Data Visualization Tools

With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated on the
internet on a daily basis, there is a need for tools that can help analyze and
visualize the data for various purposes.

 The data alone isn’t of much use, and may notaffect your business decisions. We need visualization tools that can help the business officials and employees to understand the data better.

 Data analytics and visualization can helpbusinesses identify their mistakes and provide better customer experience basedon consumer data. It also helps to make better data-driven decisions that willimpact the future of the business.

 Such heavy data analytics can be slightlysimilar to the heavy business intelligence that bigger businesses use. However, the newer and smaller multitude of businesses need access to free tools so that they can learn and understand before they invest in it.

 Before we begin looking into data visualization tools, let us define
what data visualization is. It is a term that signifies data displayed in a
visual form rather than just numerical values. With the help of charts and
graphs, data visualization is done.

 Let’s have a look at Tableau VS other visualization tools.

Tableau VS Other Visualization Tools


Tableau is a widely used data visualization tool. It has a drag and drop interface that helps perform tasks such as sorting, comparing, and even analyzing quickly. It is also compatible with various sources such as Excel, SQL-server, and many other repositories.

Tableau Software was established in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University between 1999 and 2002.

Tableau offers a wide range of products: 

  • Desktop – Personal and Professional
  • Reader
  • Server
  • Public
  • Online

Tableau Desktop offers a free trial for 14 days and for students and academicians, free access is given for a year.

The Tableau creator package charges an annual bill from teams and organizations, costing $70 for a user/month.

Tableau can also be integrated with R or JavaScript based libraries, making it easier for techies to familiarize with the platform.


●     Easy to use with drag and drop

●     Large collection of data connectors and visualizations

●     Instinctive design

●     Offers a 14-day free trial

●     Can be integrated with R or JavaScript


●     Has a learning curve to unlock the full potential.

●     Quite expensive for the creator package

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization tool much similar to Tableau. It is available in two versions – Power BI Desktop and Power BI Mobile. Power BI is also well known for its easy-to-use interface and functionality.

You can create custom visualizations using natural languages, and also you have Cortana as your personal assistant.

Power BI can connect with a wide spectrum of data sources such as IBM, SQL Server, Oracle, Google Analytics, Excel, text fuels, and much more.

The Power BI Pro version costs $9.99 per user per month whereas the Power BI Premium costs $4,995 per month with dedicated cloud computing, and storage resources that come with an annual subscription.


●     Mobile Compatibility

●     Easy to use and understand

●     Supports multiple data sources

●     Easy to share insights

●     Has a free version so that anyone can try out the product.


●     The Premium version is quite costly

●     Requires Pro license for every user to see published dashboards.

●     Required knowledge of M-Query to make advanced changes to imported data.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a product of a software company called Qlik, based in Pennsylvania, United States. It is a popular data analytics and visualization tool, and its core operates with the QIX engine.

The QIX engine helps users to integrate data from multiple sources to carry out analysis and visualization. Qlik Sense is more focussed on data visualization with augmented graphics, whereas Qlik View provides different ways to manipulate data with scripting.

Qlik Sense provides self-service visualization as well as automated machine-guided analysis. Users can share the data and reports on a centralized hub, and also secure data models.

Qlik Sense Business costs $30 per user per month, and the Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas costs $40 for Analyzer, $70 for Professional, and $100 for Analyzer Capacity per month.

QlikView has associative dashboards that help to pull data.


●     Associative QIX engine.

●     Helps in Group Collaboration

●     Provides Machine-Guided analytics and visualization.

●     Offers a free 30-day trial.


●     The Analyzer package is expensive.

●     Difficult to undo or modify data load

●     Not as easy to customize compared to Tableau


Sisense a data visualization tool that is easy to use, especially for the non-techies. You can gather data from multiple sources and add them to a single repository. It also helps to analyze data in real-time.

Sisense believes that every business will be data-driven, and its products will benefit from the transition. It is quite easy to install. Users can export the files in various formats such as Excel, MS Word, PDF, PPT, and more.

To obtain a price quote, you need to submit a form stating the necessary details regarding the business.

Sisense has also partnered with AWS, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.

Users can deploy on the cloud using Linux or Windows operating systems.


●     Easy to use for non-techies

●     Easy to install and set up

●     Supports various export formats


●     Required Windows servers to be set up.

●     Admins cannot edit each other’s dashboards

●     Cube management is hectic


IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence platform fueled by AI that helps in data analytics and visualization. You can create sleek, unique dashboards and reports based on the recommendations from the AI.

The integrated AI also helps in automated data preparation. Since privacy is a huge concern in any business, admins can control access to sensitive information.

IBM provides a 90 days free trial for Cognos Analytics. It also has an on-demand package of $15 per authorized user per month. For the enterprise edition, you need to contact them on the website.

You can combine various data-related sources and create interactive reports with the collected data.


●     Cheap plans for new businesses

●     Has integrated AI for easy setup and data preparation.

●     Provides a free 90-day trial.


●     Support levels vary on the tiered pricing

●     Pulling data fields is not easy


All these data visualization platforms are code-free, and even support drag and drop features. They are quite different from Excel and presentation charts as they provide a much more advanced, visual, and graphical interface.

With a clean and visual dashboard, you can import, export, analyze, and visualize data in multiple ways.

However, Tableau is best amongst the data visualization tools with its rich data visualization features and easy to use functionality.

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